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A loop band (or as we call it nowadays), a booty band is a MUST in every gym bunny’s bag! This is a powerful tool for both home and gym training if you’re serious with your glute gains! Example: While a squat or hip thrust is AMAZEBALLS for your glute maximus, they doesn’t do a whole lot for your glute medius (upper glutes). When placing this athli booty band just above your knees while doing a squat or hip thrust you are not only targeting your glute maximus but also your upper glutes – win win!

Athli booty band is great for:
* Involving your glute medius (upper glutes) in exercises that otherwise only targets your glute maximus. 
* Glute Warm-up 
* Glute muscle activation 
* Glute Burn-outs 
* Vacation/Home workouts 

Band Length: 35cm
Band Width: 8cm

(Pink) Tropical Snake = Light/Medium Resistance. Suitable for Warm up and activation movements such as lateral shuffles, monster walks, cha cha’s, banded clams and so on.
(Black) Onyx Snake = Medium/Heavy Resistance. Suitable for banded squats, banded hip thrusts, glute bridges, seated abductions and so on.

Every band comes delivered in a mesh bag. Store your band in the bag when you don’t use it to prevent if form getting dirty and greasy. Wipe clean and hang dry if needed. Made of sweat & moisture wicking polyester.

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Tropical Snake, Onyx Snake