Ultimate Shred is a cardio heavy workout plan created for those of you who wants to burn fat while maintaining your muscle mass. Shredding fat requires a nutrition plan specifically created for you, but don’t worry! You will get access to my nutrition pdf that will teach you everything you need to know about supplements, calorie calculation and protein intake. I also have an app that can give you 100% customized nutrition schedules. Tap here to read more.

Ps; Don’t forget to read my blog posts to learn more about weight loss and over all training/diet.
Are you ready?! I sure am!

Equipment used in this plan: Booty Band, Resistance Band, Laying Hamstring Curl, Leg Extension, Leg Press, Hack Squat (modification provided), Weight Plate, Medicine Ball, Bosu Ball, Stairmaster (modification provided), Treadmill, Dumbbbells, Barbell, Cable Cross, Yoga Mat, Smith Machine (modification provided).

All of my plans includes: 

  • Video, Voice & Text demonstrations
  • Track progress in your personal calendar
  • Rest timer. Set your own time (optional)
  • Connect with fitbit, runkeeper and more apps.
  • Exercise modifications
  • Choose when to start a workout and move workouts around to fit your life
  • Track weights, calories burned and distance walked
  • Replace exercises & build your own workouts
  • Workout library with over 300 exercises
  • .. and much more!


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Plan information
Difficulty level Advanced
Workouts per week 5
Duration of plan (weeks) 8
Location Gym
Focus Shred Fat

Equipment needed