Busy Bee 55 is a workout plan created for all those busy babes out there! Maybe you only have time to spend 3 days in the gym but still want to see and feel great results, then Busy Bee is totally your plan! Each workout is approx. 55 minutes long and you will work out 3 days per week for the next 10 weeks! 

With this plan you will target your whole body and there’s options to do outdoor walks on your rest days if you have time! You also have the option to remove, replace or add more exercises or sets to your workouts incase you feel like a badass for a day or two (or lifetime!). 

With all machine-based exercises you will find modifications/options to switch. So if you have a home gym with barbells, dumbbells and some basic equipment – you might as well rock this plan from home to save even more time!


Equipment used in this plan: Bench, Dumbbells, Barbell, Weight Plates, Booty Band, Cable Machine (modification Provided), Medicine Ball (Modification Provided), Bosu (Modification Provided), Leg Curl (modification Provided), Leg Extension (Modification Provided), Treadmill (Warm-Up).

All of my plans includes: 

  • Video, Voice & Text demonstrations
  • Track progress in your personal calendar
  • Rest timer. Set your own time (optional)
  • Connect with fitbit, runkeeper and more.
  • Exercise modifications
  • Choose when to start a workout and move workouts around to fit your life
  • Track weights, calories burned and distance walked
  • Replace exercises & build your own workouts
  • Workout library with over 300 exercises
  • .. and much more!

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Plan information
Difficulty level Intermediate
Workouts per week 3
Duration of plan (weeks) 8
Location Gym
Focus Full Body

Equipment needed