Body Contour is my first ever full body split plan! Let’s be honest, not all of us have the possibility to spend hours at the gym every single day BUT all of us has the right lo look and feel our best!

Not only that, but the traditional ”bro-split” does not work unless you’re a professional body builder that work out at least once per day – otherwise, you won’t be able to hit each muscle group a minimum of two times per week, which studies have shown you should do to get the best possible progress!

This plan will help you with just that! Three 1-1.5 hour sessions at the gym – effective, time efficient. LET’S GO!

Equipment used in this plan: Cable Cross, Squat Rack, Barbell, Dumbbells, Leg Curl Machine, Bench, Bands, Yoga Mat, Hip Abduction Chair, Smith Machine.

All of my plans includes: 

  • Video, Voice & Text demonstrations
  • Track progress in your personal calendar
  • Rest timer. Set your own time (optional)
  • Connect with fitbit, runkeeper and more.
  • Exercise modifications
  • Choose when to start a workout and move workouts around to fit your life
  • Track weights, calories burned and distance walked
  • Replace exercises & build your own workouts
  • Workout library with over 300 exercises
  • .. and much more!

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Plan information
Difficulty level Intermediate
Workouts per week 3
Duration of plan (weeks) 8
Location Gym!
Focus Full Body

Equipment needed