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Tasteli App

About Athli NutritionAvailable in English, Swedish & Danish.

The idea of Tasteli app came to life in the living room of mine in Sweden and was later developed by a team in Denmark. I (Linn) was frustrated of the lack of time on my hands. I could not provide customized diet schedule for each of my clients because of the 24h per day just was not enough, and that’s when Tasteli app started. I wanted to create something especially for females that let them be guided in this jungle of diets towards something that would not only work for them, personally, but also something that was time and budget adapted.

What is Athli Nutrition today?

A new born baby with the world in front of her. Yes, it’s a she! Tasteli is created by women, for women. Our vision is to provide a tool for every woman with a phone that will help them make healthy decisions feel easy. Tasteli is affordable and easy to access via your phone at any time. A customized diet schedule has never been more fun! Stay tuned for our amazing updates that will make Tasteli and the women using it sparkle a little extra.

BUDGET ADAPTED – Following a nutrition plan towards your goals should not be be expensive if you don’t want it to be!

TIME ADAPTED – Wanna throw together a 5 minute lunch with very few ingredients or spend a quality hour in the kitchen? You decide!

FOCUS ON YOUR MACRONUTRIENTS – During winter, days can be really dark in some places on our beautiful earth – if you find yourself living in these places you might wanna focus on a diet high in D-vitamin. Are you vegan you should consider going high in B12 instead!

EXCLUDE SPECIFIC INGREDIENTS – Are you a picky eater or just don’t fancy a certain ingredient, maybe you’re even allergic – that’s no problem! Tasteli will let you exclude any ingredients from your nutrition plan!

DIET PREFERENCES? – High carb, low carb, LCHF (keto), vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian? Well, we got that all covered! You chose your preference and tasteli delivers!

SHOPPING LIST – From your meals you can easily create a shoppinglist and shop for a whole week or two! This is perfect for meal prepping and/or cook for your whole family. Tell tasteli the number or meals/persons who will eat and your shoppinglist will automatically adjust to this! No one in our family gets left out, period.

CREATE YOUR OWN MEALS– If you find yourself eating outside of your customized meals and need to add this to your macros or just wanna do a recipe of your own sometime, no worries! Tasteli helps you create your very own meals.

NEW MEALS WHENEVER  – Why new meals this often you might ask? Well, with the powertool of this app we expect you to reach goals quickly ie. changing in weight – therefore you NEED a new plan that constantly fits your macros! Switch meals as often as YOU want!

TRACKER – Upload your own photos, track weight, measurements, energy level and digestion.


  • You have two options when it comes to payment. Use App Store or Google Play and search for Tasteli App.
  • Choose between a monthly subscription for 9,99 USD OR a period of 6 month for 47,94 USD (7,99 /month*). All new subscribers have a 7 days free trial.

Cancel your subscription anytime where you manage apps.

* Best value

What's included?

  • 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with 4 options each, all macros calculated for you personally – Option to add 1 – 2 snacks per day.
  • A diet that is based on your preferences!
  • A shopping list for you or your family
  • A tracker where you can track your progress in terms of weightloss/gain, measurements, photos, energy level and more!
  • New meals every second week
  • Gain, lose or keep your weight!

What's unique about Tasteli?

  • Save meals as favorites!
  • Create your own meals – with your own ingredients or pick one from our library.
  • Your personal profile page where you can adjust your diet preferences in the future.
  • 13 000 recipes +
  • Exclude specific ingredients.
  • Option to chose: Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, LCHF, low carb, high carb.