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Train smart


Set Your Goals

Take a moment to reflect on your goals! Never let anyone else decide what your goal is. Is it to be stronger? Gain muscles? Shred fat? I like to use SMART-goals. Read more here.


Get a Program

Results never comes easy. Hard word, consistency and patience are the keystones here. Pick a plan that goes in line with your goals.


Train Hard

Now your journey will start! It’s not going to be a walk in the park. It is going to be some ups and downs. That’s a part of the process. Be mentally prepared for it! Take one day at the time.



When finished a plan, don’t rush into a new one. Evaluate, did you reach your goal? If the answer is yes?  Why?  If  the answer is no?  Why?  Take a moment to reflect on your achievements & plan for your future!

My Expertise

I have been interested in training for years and years, and being a Cancer Survivor opened up my eyes and made me become more interested in the human body over all.

I have now spent years on rebuilding my body and mind, educated myself and I now hold an International Personal Training License. I have been helping myself and thousand of other women and now I want to help YOU!


If you have any questions regarding which plan you should pick, feel free to contact me or use the forum for advice.

  • Together, we are sitting on a huge library of experience and knowledge.
  • Together, we create an amazing and supporting community

I discovered Linn Lowes in 2014 when I was pregnant. I wanted to change my life, be healthier, stronger and be someone that has energy to play around with my kid. I’m now 28 years old and I feel younger now than what I did when I was 23!! That’s insane. This fitplan changed my life and a BIG bonus is how my body changed too, couldn’t imagine getting these results!😫💕 So thank you so much for being the best motivation and that super supportive person, ILYSM Linn!

I have done; S&L, BxB (twice), Total Shred, S&L2 and current plan is BxB2Bente Strom

I’ve never felt this good about my body or mind before! 💕 I’ve always got trubble with all sorts of ”illness” such as hypermobilty that caused severe pain in my leads and also many kinds of viruses keeping me from work very often.. This is all GONE!! I’m so thankful for this, and for my new strong body that I will continue to work on with help from Linn@josephinew_fit

I was never unhappy with my body before but I’ve always wanted to tone up.. now I feel super confident walking into the gym and even my friends are pointing out my progress. 90% done with this plan and really loving how far I’ve come. 😍 thanks linnAmber

Loose Fat

Eating 2000 calories of candy, and at the same time on a deficit, will make you lose weight. BUT! This is not healthy or sustainable.

Get Fit

This is really a definition question. What is FIT to you?

Build Muscles

If you want to grow your booty(or all kinds of muscles) you need to workout that specific muscle about 2-3times per week. Science tells us this is the load that will be good for muscle growth and it is very because of the volume.