Have you come to a plateau? 

This was one of the most asked questions when we did a poll on our team instagram. First, what does it mean? When speaking of a plateau, it basically means that our progress in terms of strength, muscle growth and progress has stopped. This happens when your body has adapted to your resistance. For example, if you a going to be a runner and you run for the same distance and the same speed all the time you run, you will never get faster or increase your stamina.

Here are some principles that I use myself:

  • Listen to your body; no energy, over trained? Minor pain in your joints? Maybe you need a week off?! Take 5-7 days off from  the gym and do something else. Weightlifting is very demanding and you need more than a day to rest if you come from weeks of heavy training!
  • Don’t get trapped in the common 4×12 standard.If you are a Athli Member you will notice here and there, that sometimes we lower the reps down to 5 reps (heavier weights) and sometimes we higher the reps with lighter weights!
  • Try drop-sets! In the last exercise, you do your reps, drop the weight with 50%, doas many as you can and then drop the weight again with 50%. Don’t do this every workout! Do it 1 day / week / muscle group.
  • Are you in a calorie deficit? Take a week with calorie balance and eat more carbs to fill your body and muscles with energy!
  • Decreasing the rest time can also be useful, especially if you are used to a fixed rest time of 90 seconds! Try 45!